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DSLR Solutions Camera Rig

The DSLR Solutions Camera Rig is simple, lightweight, versatile and provides ultra-stable video without the added weight of a shoulder rig.

Anyone who has hauled around a large camera rig all day knows how tiring and frustrating it can be. This is why we are so excited to announce our completely re-imagined DSLR camera rig.

We know that independent filmmakers, documentary shooters as well as event & wedding videographers are going to be thrilled with our new innovative DSLR camera rig design.

Un-cage your creativity with the new DSLR Solutions Camera Rig!

Basic Version includes:
Rig Frame
Main Clamp
Neck Strap
Pro Version includes:
Rig Frame
Main Clamp
Shoulder Harness
Threaded Accessory Ports
Multi-position Top Plate
Center Handle

We completely re-imagined what a DSLR camera rig could be and built it!

The camera rig is built from aircraft grade powder coated aluminum and stainless steel making it strong and durable, yet very lightweight.

Our unique design provides multiple ways to brace the rig against your arm and body, providing superior support without the added weight. The DSLR Solutions Camera Rig adapts to many different shooting styles giving you loads of creative options.

High, low and mid level shooting angles are a breeze with just the twist of a couple of thumbscrews, giving you important on-the-go options to expand your cinematic creativity.

The entire DSLR Solutions Camera Rig weighs in at just around 3 pounds!

DSLR Solutions Camera Rig – Basic: $194.00
Ships within 1-3 business days


DSLR Solutions Camera Rig – Pro: $294.00
Ships within 1-3 business days


Thanks for taking the time to check out the new DSLR Solutions Camera Rig. We are here to help if you have any questions.