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DSLR Follow Focus

We just redesigned the original DSLR Follow Focus and now there is no need to measure your lens or choose a size, because one size fits most lenses. Our new product is called the Ultra-Simple Follow Focus and it works great on HDSLR cameras, Cinema and mirrorless cameras and a variety of other video cameras.

When we first started making the DSLR Follow Focus, there were no affordable options on the market for easily pulling focus on HDSLR cameras. We started the trend and are proud to continue it with the new Ultra-Simple Follow Focus.

Purchase our new follow focus design!

A fantastic tool for better filmmaking! – Made in the USA.

Whether you are working on independent films, doing corporate video work or even electronic new gathering, our newly designed Ultra-Simple Follow Focus tool is a must-have accessory for your camera bag.

Purchase our follow focus design!

As always, custom sizes and options are available by request.

We completely redesigned our DSLR Follow Focus and made it even better!

Our new simple follow focus shifter which replaces the DSLR follow Focus is suitable for both professional and amateur use and is made by us in the USA. As with all of our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed. The focus handle can be positioned for left or right-handed use and fits nearly every lens on the market with a minimum 3/8″ (9mm) wide focus ring. What are you waiting for? Purchase it here!.

Follow Focus Lens Sizes - Fits most lenses