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Lens list page, color coded rulers, Canon kit lens & 50mm f/1.8 update

Lens list page: The DSLR Solutions website has just been updated with a new “Lens List” page that lists all the known lenses (mostly Canon at this time) that the original and large DSLR Follow Focus will fit.

In order to expand the lens list, we are asking anyone who is using the DSLR Follow Focus on a lens not listed on the lens list page to drop us an email or leave a comment on this post in the News section and let us know what lens (mm/f-stop/brand) and what size DSLR Follow Focus (Original or Large) you are using. This will help current and future users when making purchasing decisions.

DSLR Follow Focus Lens List

Color coded rulers: I have also updated the “Lens Measuring Video” page with two new printable rulers with colored DSLR Follow Focus size indicators in US Letter and A4 paper size. My goal is to make it easier for site visitors to measure their lenses to help determine the proper size DSLR Follow Focus to order. An updated measuring video is in the works and will be posted soon.

UPDATE: Since we now offer four sizes of the DSLR Follow Focus, we are working on updating the rulers and hope to post a new version for download as time allows. Sign up in the right-hand column to be notified when we more news is posted.

DSLR Follow Focus Rulers

Canon kit lens & 50mm f/1.8 update: Furthermore, I have been working on a solution for using the DSLR Follow Focus on the Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (18-55mm Kit Lens) and Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens (Nifty Fifty). The small width and stepped down focus rings of those lenses have made a solution somewhat tricky. Nevertheless, a solution has been developed and will be available in a couple weeks for those of you who are interested in purchasing a smaller size DSLR Follow Focus for use with the Canon 18-55mm and Canon 50mm f/1.8 lenses.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who has purchased the DSLR Follow Focus. We have shipped kits all over the world and it has been quite well received.